Building a Better Colour Changer – Part 3 – Revising the design

Well, it’s been a while, but it’s well past time we had another look at the continuing saga of Circuit design and Colour Changers.

The good news is I haven’t been idle and now we’re up to like prototype 5.  The bad news is there’s still a bit to go before it’s reliable and repeatable enough that we can sell them.

Close though, I think we’re on the last but final!

So, as to delays……

One of the big problems with trying to capture a design process from start to finish is you end up with a hell of a lot of footage.

Turns out, editing hours of footage in to a watchable 5 to 10 minute video is something I suck at.  Inevitably when I promised myself I’d do it I sat down and promptly continued the design process again.

Which of course meant I now had even more footage.  Anyone who does the maths can see the problem with this.  So many hours of terrible, boring footage.

So here’s a peak at version……3….. I think.  Click on through for some of the videos I did actually did manage to finish!

I’m much better at Renders than Photos.

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Of Spaceships and Solder

Like Hackerspaces the world round, CCHS tries to spread the good word and introduce people to the joys of making.  How to Solder kits almost always pop up when we attend an event because they’re fun and (relatively) easy even for people who have never held a soldering iron before.

CCHS has always had kits, but about two years ago we ran in to a problem.  Functionally they were fine, but we’d been finding it harder and harder to get components that fitted and the design was a bit bland.  Why not take advantage of the wide range of colours now available from PCB shops in China for $cheap I reasoned?  Why not stretch my KiCad fingers and try for some smooth arcs?

So late one Friday evening, I firmly ignored the tantalising calls from friends playing online games and dedicated an evening up to my metaphorical armpits in CAD drawings and PCB layout (which honestly is just more CAD).

And here they are.

I blew the special effects budget on the flying effect!
All the Colours of the rainbow!

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