Accidentally makers

It all started with procrastination

Let’s be honest. I couldn’t be bothered watering my veggie garden anymore. So, with mage0r’s help, I built a set of self-watering planter boxes out of reclaimed timber. I made a thing, and I was super proud.

Then it became about woodworking

Soon after that, mage0r rather infamously said “Hey, doesn’t this DIY CNC router look cool…”. It isn’t often a guy will try, with complete sincerity, to convince his girlfriend that he needs to spend a small fortune to build a computer controlled router. My first reaction was “What? You want to take on Cisco?!”. I had a lot to learn about the difference between a network router and a CNC router. He wanted to make a thing that makes things!

After successfully assembling a CNC machine the size of a small car in a friend’s shed (yep, I really did give the okay to spend our hard earned money on that!), mage0r and I headed to Melbourne’s first Mini Maker Fair circa 2012 where we heard about Melbourne Hackerspace founded by Andy GelmeThey’re a community of fellow geeks who tinker with lasers, CNC routers and 3D printers. How could this geek girl possibly resist?

Then about knitting

Later that same year while browsing through an op-shop I stumbled across an old Empisal knitting machine from the 1970s. When I asked the lady on staff how much it was she paused a moment before replying, “$10 if you take it right now and I never see it again.”. I could hardly contain my excitement! Despite not having a manual I was able to get it working within a couple of hours (although it would be another year and another knitting machine before I actually made a knitted thing).

Then… the guacamole exploded

Fast forward to today and mage0r and I have learned a mountain of new skills, broke things, built things, traveled half the world and found a second home at London Hackspace. We’ve become a husband and wife team of hobbyist makers.

Why a website?

We believe in spreading the love of making. On this site, you’ll find an exploration of the hacks we’re doing, progress we’ve made and instructions on how to do your own. Visit the blog for more info.

We prefer to focus on challenging ourselves rather than making a profit, but every now and again we make a thing we’re proud of. You can find some for sale at our Etsy shop.